Stunning images from David Degner

In late 2016 22 hikers from around the world joined the Bedouin of the Sinai on the 1st ever thru hike of the Sinai Trail, walking over 200km from the Gulf of Aqaba to the top of Egypt’s highest peak, Jebel Katherina. Amongst the hikers was the Cairo-based American photographer David Degner, who shot a stunning portfolio of portraits on the hike, from the Bedouin to the hikers themselves. David has a long standing connection with the Sinai, carrying out several photo shoots including on the Sinai is Safe events, which were held on the Sinai Trail. See the full gallery on David’s website.


The Sinai Trail: a woman’s story

We’re delighted to see another beautiful short film on the Sinai Trail; made by the up and coming Eygptian filmmaker Nada Ibrahim, it features Nada el Shazly, one of the first Egyptian women to walk the full Sinai Trail uphill – the difficult way! – all the way from the Gulf of Aqaba to the top of Egypt’s highest mountain. Nada was part of the 1st ever group to hike the trail in December 2016; a hike which made a little piece of Egyptian hiking history. Listen to Nada here. 

Leon McCarron: update

We just heard from Leon McCarron, one of the first hikers to ever walk the full Sinai Trail. Leon walked the trail with UK filmmaker Austin Vince and Musallem Abu Faraj of the Tarabin tribe. Leon will be releasing a film about his walk on the Sinai Trail later this year and a book about his adventures – called ‘The Land Beyond’ – will follow, due for release in September with IB Tauris. Nice one Leon! 

1st all international group!

In May, just as the Sinai was starting to really warm up before summer, with hiking getting difficult, the 1st ever all-international group to attempt the trail finished in St Katherine. The group was organised by Helen Cranston of the UK, who volunteers her time as a supervisor of community projects in the Sinai with the Makhad Trust, and included people from the UK, Ireland and other parts of Europe. All but one of the hikers were women and the group included a hiker in their 70s: the oldest person to complete the trail yet! A big congratulations to the whole group from everybody at the Sinai Trail!