Sinai is Safe: The Fab Fourth

Just one week after the 1st ever thru hike of the Sinai Trail, the Bedouin team organised Sinai is Safe – the biggest hiking event of the year in Sinai – on the Sinai Trail. Over 50 hikers from Egypt and around the world joined the Bedouin tribes of the region to walk together over two days in the mountains, sending a clear message out to the world that Sinai is Safe. It was the fourth ever Sinai is Safe event and the first time it had been held in the territory of the Tarabin tribe. The Sinai is Safe campaign started in 2014, with the aim of creating a counter narrative to the ongoing bad news about the Sinai and showing a different, more positive, hopeful side of the peninsula. Here’s a short slideshow by hiker Antony Girgis. 

Sinai Trail: 1st ever thru hike!

In December 2016, after 200km walking, five gruelling mountain peaks, and 12 days in the desert the first ever group to attempt walking the whole Sinai Trail finished in St Katherine. In the group were 22 hikers from all over the world: from the UK to Jordan, the USA to Spain, and Italy to New Zealand and of course, Egypt itself. The group braved everything from blisters to midnight rainstorms and subzero temperatures to etch their names in Egypt’s hiking history and make a group of lifelong friends with the other hikers and the Bedouin guides. Congratulations to all of the hikers and the Bedouin team that helped them along the way!