• Egypt’s first ever long distance hiking trail

  • From the Gulf of Aqaba to the Roof of Egypt

  • Discover a path of history with Bedouin tribes...

  • Discover the Middle East’s greatest wilderness

  • See the other side of Egypt. Hike the Sinai Trail...

Bedouin bread, Sinai TrailWelcome to the official website of the Sinai Trail: Egypt’s 1st long distance hiking trail. Beginning by the Gulf of Aqaba and ending in the highlands of St Katherine – the so-called Roof of Egypt – the Sinai Trail is a 250km, 14 day sea-to-summit route showcasing the best of Egypt’s iconic wilderness. Built by Bedouin guides from three different tribes, with backing from NGOs, and help from local volunteers, the Sinai Trail is something for all of Egypt: it gives Egyptians and people from across the world a new way to experience and explore their country: its unforgettable desert landscapes, nature, heritage and people.

The Sinai Trail won a prestigious BGTW Tourism Award as the best new tourism project in the wider world in 2016. In 2017, it was named one of the greatest new trails in the world by Wanderlust Magazine.  All the resources you need to begin exploring the Sinai Trail are here: hiking maps in English and Arabic, an interactive map of the trail, plus lots of practical information.

Hiking the Sinai Trail doesn’t just give limitless scope for adventure in Egypt’s greatest wild places: it gives a chance to support the country and its people. Tourism has crashed since Egypt’s 2011 revolution and by hiking here you will help grow the country’s ever expanding hiking scene and the kind of sustainable, low-impact tourism that can make a real difference to communities in the region. Hiking tourism provides a basis for economic development and an incentive for preserving the traditional Bedouin knowledge, lifestyles and skills that have underpinned human survival in these landscapes for centuries. So do something different. See a new side of Egypt. See a new side of the Sinai. Hike with the Bedouin and their camels and discover the greatest wilderness in the Middle East. Hike the Sinai Trail.